Tony with his wife Lorraine & their children.


Each day Tony Taylor is held away from his family is an affront to any notion of due process and justice. Join the call for the immediate release of Tony Taylor.

June 29th 2017


Candlelight Vigil

Donegal County Council back a motion calling for the immediate release of Tony and Tony's wife Lorraine meets with Dail TD's. Please visit our News page to read more.

Statement from Campaign Group 03-Nov-2016


"Tony Taylor's recall is internment in all but name. It is a matter of concern for all those with an interest in human rights. It is also without legal justification and sets a very dangerous precedent. Tony Taylor should be immediately released from prison."

Aiden Carlin, SolicitorUggT 


For a copy of the campaign leaflet please contact us via our contact page.